Our client Candice tells all about her Veneer experience at Linden Dental Care!

After several years of not loving my teeth, I finally realized I hated  them! I spent most of my high school years with braces on. Then when the  braces came off and my dentist added composite bonding to my teeth to  elongate them. I wore that bonding well into my adult years even though  that type of bonding is typically, very temporary. The worst thing about  bonding is that there is no way to whiten. So it just continues to age,  no matter how well you take care of it.  

 The year of my wedding I decided it was time to do something major with  my teeth. So I thoroughly researched my options, landing on an Aesthetic  Dentistry practice in San Francisco, where I was living at the time. I  was told that I was too young for veneers (not true), but that they had  developed this new kind of “stronger” aesthetic/composite bonding, and  that I was the perfect candidate for that. I was very excited, and even  though it was still over a thousand dollars a tooth, it just sounded  like a better option than committing to veneers at that point in my  life. Knowing what I know now about veneers, I definitely would have  gotten them at that time.  

That doctor and decision turned out to be a very big mistake. Not only was the process long (I spent MULTIPLE DAYS in the dentist chair, with my head turned to one side, for several hours at a time), the teeth turned out fine (at the time they looked better than what I had), but after having them for 2 years, they were starting to age RAPIDLY. I took very good care of them, even better than the bonding that I had received in high school (that lasted me 10+ years and probably would have gone even longer). By year four, which we’re in currently, I was having major sensitivity, discoloration, chipping and breaking… basically all of the above. My teeth were a nightmare and they looked terrible! I was extremely self-conscious of them, and they were causing me a lot of pain. (I am happy to share the name of the SF dentist office in a private message - please email me or message me on Instagram).  I knew that veneers were my next step but I wanted to find someone amazing and I was totally scarred from the San Francisco experience that I really didn’t know where to start. 

After months of research, I finally decided on Dr. Shay of Linden Dental in Beverly Hills. And that turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made regarding my teeth. Dr. Shay has very VERY good reviews, for good reason.  Not only is Dr. Shay EXTREMELY professional, her dental work is unmatched. Her attention to detail ALONE would’ve gotten me back in the door time after time. But there’s so much more to Linden Dental than just their amazing work! The emotional support pups, Softie and Parker, are pros and really calm your nerves. A visit with Dr. Shay is HIGHLY informative. Every single thing is explained thoroughly until there are no questions to be asked. She truly cares about her patients and the outcome of their smile, which is her life’s work!

I could not imagine going to another dentist for veneers. I was very nervous to go through this process and I honestly could not imagine a better outcome of services. I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY TEETH! I hope you enjoy the before and after photos. Also, check out my Instagram highlight titled “veneers” to see my play-by-play experience.

 Overall, I was wishing and hoping for natural-teeth. My whole life I’ve  had teeth that looked and felt dull and brittle and I really just wanted  a healthy looking smile. Dr. Shay gave me that and more! Matching the  colors, creating porcelain veneers that align with the different  features of my face, taking into account things that I never would have  thought of had I not gone to someone who cared so much about the outcome f my smile. Veneer shape and color is extremely important and Dr. Shay  helped me find the perfect match! 

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