A Note from Dr. Mojdeh Shayestehfar

My name is Mojdeh Shayestehfar, but my patients know me as Dr. Shay. With more than sixteen years of experience practicing dentistry, I still look forward to going to work every single day! I am grateful for the patients who have trusted me as their clinician and shared their lives with me. I feel extremely fortunate to have a career as a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills where I am able to connect in such meaningful ways with such a diverse group of people. Visiting the dentist should be a pleasant experience. It is my goal to make it so! In addition to helping you achieve optimum oral health, my goal is to make you feel happy and at ease whenever you visit my Prosthodonics practice in Los Angeles. When you enter my office, I want you to feel as comfortable and welcome as a guest in my home. While many doctors view their patients as simply “clients,” I view each of my patients as a member of my Linden Dental family. It is my privilege to provide you, my patients, with the very best oral healthcare. At the end of the day, when you smile brightly, SO DO I !

UCLA trained Prosthodontist specializing in advanced cosmetic dentistry.



Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneers, crowns and bridges, Inlays/onlays, Teeth whitening, Composite fillings, Icon Infiltration, Gummy Smile Correction

Full mouth Rehabilitation


Full mouth reconstruction, Dentures

Removable Partial Dentures

Implant Dentistry


Implant crowns and bridges

Implant Supported Dentures and Partials



Preventive and Anti-Aging

Cleaning, Night Guard, Snore Guard, Aphthus Ulcer treatment, Herpatic Lesion treatment

Facial Aesthetic


Dermal Fillers



Softie Shay, D.D.S.

One of the main reasons that many people avoids seeking dental care is due to dentophobia – a fear of dentistry. . . 


This phobia usually stems from childhood and people carry it all their adult lives. As a result they don’t seek preventive care which ultimately leads to more complicated issues that require more extensive, involved and expensive treatments. To overcome this fear, patients often seek some sort of sedation. However, there are risks and complications associated with sedation as well as the added expense.

It is a scientific fact that pets can reduce anxiety levels, lower blood pressure and decrease stress. You can read more here:

Pet therapy is an organic, alternative way to reduce anxiety in dental-phobic patients. Patients do not need someone to bring them to the office or take them home, there is no recovery time for sedation, and no risk of overdose, except for puppy love. It is free and above all it is fun!


Softie is our therapy dog. She is our adorable Labradoodle who loves to cuddle with our patients to calm them down during dental procedures. She will stay with you until you are done with your treatment. She won’t be offended if you are not a dog person, she will hang in the reception area and relax until her next patient comes in. If you would like to have Softie accompany you during your treatment, just let us know and we will reserve her for you.


 Sigird Deugarte

I am extremely thankful for Dr. Mojdeh Shayestehfar's great care. She is a wonderful person and amazing doctor. She is very gentle and precise with her care. I truly trust her with any of my dental work, as I trust her to care for all my family members. I love her dearly as a person for her warmth and kindness besides her expertise as a doctor.

Dr Shay is an extraordinary dentist! She makes you feel at home as soon as you walk into her office, and her bedside manner is extremely gentle. The atmosphere and staff is very welcoming! She keeps her promise to leave me better than I was when I arrived at the end of each visit! She is a master at her craft and does beautiful work! If you're thinking of having dental work done and not sure where to go...give her a visit. You'll really be glad you did! She creates beautiful smiles for her patients 
You'll fall in love with "Softie", she's a great addition to her practice!

Brad M

I was referred to Dr. Shay & traveled all the way from Canada to see her for major cosmetic dental work.  Dr. Shay (and her incredible team) were efficient, talented, professional, genuine & very kind.  She is a perfectionist & completely transformed my smile, being respectful of my time to keep travel to/from Canada reasonable and accommodating of my situation.  Softie & Max were a great addition to the whole experience & I would highly recommend Dr. Shay for any of your dental needs.



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