Everything You Wanted To Know About Veneers But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Many see Veneers as an out of reach option, available only to celebrity clients, to get a picture perfect smile. However, the technology of Veneers can be utilized by many clients to achieve their dream smile. If you are thinking about going down the path of Veneers you are bound to run into many questions with few answers. We want to ensure that your most pressing questions are answered so you can be comfortable in asking your provider for Veneers.

1. How painful are Veneers? 

Do not fear! Patients have described the process as being uncomfortable but not unbearable. Your dentist will apply the same type of numbing you would get for a normal filling. The process of the Veneers usually only requires a very minimal reduction of the tooth structure (.1-.2 millimeters). 

2. How long does the process of Veneers take? 

The highest quality Veneers should take three appointment procedures. Many dentists do the Veneers in two appointments, however for the most predictable and desirable results, three appointments are essential. The first appointment involves photos, model taking, and designing your future shape and size of your Veneers. At our office, our master ceramist is present and involved in this process. Basically, we design your new smile together to ensure that you will love every aspect of your Veneers. Your master ceramist will do a diagnostic wax up, which essentially is a real size mock up of your future teeth. 10 days after your first appointment, you will return to our office for preparation and temporization. Temporization is the process of inserting temporary Veneers that were designed for you, so that you can test drive what your new and improved smile will look and feel like. You can use these two weeks of your temporary Veneers to get feedback from loved ones, or even test drive a selfie or two. The last appointment is when you try on the final version of your Veneers and if you love them, we will cement them on. You can go straight from our office to being the envy of the party that very night. 

3. How much of the tooth do you lose in the process of Veneers? 

On average, your new Veneers will require a .1-.2 millimeter reduction of your teeth, which is essentially the width of 2.5 strands of hair! However, you will always have either temporary Veneers or your permanent Veneers so no one will ever see the reduction. 

4. Will my smile look fake? Will people be able to tell I have Veneers? 

Commonly, the “fake Veneer look” is caused by the Veneers being too opaque, too bulky, mismatched with the remaining teeth, or too white. We have all seen the bizarre “chicklet” look of a sloppily Veneer. However, we ensure against all of these issues by working with a highly qualified master ceramists and sticking with all the protocols and steps to ensure you have a perfect and natural smile. Additionally, you will be able to experience your future smile during the temporary Veneer stage, so in case the first set is not perfect we will work with you and the master ceramist until we achieve your vision of perfectly shaped and designed Veneers that you will love. 

5. How different can my smile be? 

Veneers can have a truly life changing impact. If you have ever caught yourself hiding your smile in photographs, covering your mouth when you laugh, or even stopping yourself from laughing because you are self-conscious of your smile, Veneers can liberate you from the constant stress and embarrassment for you to truly live your most free life. Your smile is one of the first things that people see, and it should reflect as much beauty as possible.

6. Are my teeth going to be sensitive?

a. No, Veneers are a long way away from the sensitivity of a filling because the preparation is minimally invasive. Temporarily tender gums are the most painful possible outcome of your Veneer procedure. 

7. How often do I need to change my Veneers?

A well fabricated and well cared for Veneer can last you up to 15-20 years! However, our office sees many patients that come in far before that timeline because they are unhappy with the Veneers that they have received from other offices. Our methodology of working with you and our master ceramist may take longer to create your Veneer but it ensures that you will love your smile as much in year 20 as you did in year 1.

8. How many Veneers do I need? 

It depends on each person’s individual need. Many offices will not offer single Veneers because they do not take the care that we do in matching your existing teeth in color, shape, and size. We will take the time to assess your actual need and ensure that your treatment plan will achieve your desired perfect smile without overtreating.

9. Does it matter what doctor I go to for my Veneers? 

Yes, not only does your dentist matter but also the team that works with them. The master ceramist is essential to perfecting your final outcome. Our master ceramist is a licensed technician with many years of experience in crafting Veneers that are perfect in size, shape, and color.

10. What should I look for in a doctor for my Veneers? 

Because Veneers can last for 20 years it is essential that you find a dentist that has the experience and training to create smiles that have a lasting result that their patients are happy with. Also, because this is your dream smile, you should find someone that listens to you and that does not cut corners. Our three step process ensures that you have the time and space to decide whether you are truly happy with your final result prior to cementation.

11. I want teeth exactly like my friends, will that be possible? 

It is possible but it is not recommended. Everyone’s faces and smiles are different so everyone’s smiles should be different to fit their own features. Getting Veneers that resemble your friend’s teeth but that do not fit your own face can lead to complications such as speech impediments and an ill fitting smile. Our office has years of experience crafting Veneers that compliment patients’ smiles.

12. How expensive are Veneers? 

The old adage “you get what you pay for” rings true for Veneers. Going the bargain route may save a few dollars in the present but it can lead to multiple sessions of redo Veneers that can end up costing thousands of dollars. However, it is not necessary that you go the most expensive route either. It is essential that you do your research and find a qualified dentist that has the experience in crafting quality aesthetically pleasing Veneers.

13. Will insurance cover Veneers? 

For the most part, no. However, our office has third party financing that is available. You can get more information about Veneers by contacting our office!

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