Disappearing Lips!!

Have you ever stood in front of mirror and wondered “why your lips have disappeared?” and “where did all these lines around your lips come from?” There are several culprits for this unwanted phenomenon.

1. Age! As we get older, our lips get thinner due to a depletion of collagen.  Once we reach our 20s, our body will not make any new collagen and collagen depletion rates will be at 1%-2% per year.  Women in general produce less collagen than men.  Lips respond to the collagen loss  similar to skin, they become thinner and tiny lines and creases form on and around the lips.

2. Environment! Research has found that sun rays are responsible for 80% of skin aging.  Lips are particularly vulnerable since the skin is thin and delicate.  Lips have only A 3-5 cellular layer compare to 16 cellular layer on the face.  Also lips have no melanin, so they burn and peel very easily.  Lips do not produce natural oils, so they become dehydrated and dry easily.

3. Habits! “ Smokers’ lines” develop around the mouth because of the puckering of the lips, caused by sucking on the cigarette.  However, you don’t have to be a smoker to get “smokers’ lines”. drinking through straws can cause fine lines around the lips as well.  Caffeine is another culprit! Dehydration from excessive consumption of coffee or tea and simply not drinking enough water can lead to thinning of lips.

4. Dentition! Your lips are supported by size, and position of your teeth.  Imagine you have a favorite shirt that fits you well and looks great on you, now imagine that you have lost 10 pounds! Your favorite shirt no longER looks great on you, it looks wrinkly!  It is the same size shirt nothing has happened to it except the supporting structure.  Your teeth support your lips as well.  Once the teeth get shorter due to grinding, attrition or erosion, lips lose their structural support and roll in, hence giving the appearance of thinner lips.

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