• Dr. Shay

Dentistry and Anti-Aging

Loss of vertical of dimension due to severe grinding or faulty restoration can cause folds at the commissure of lips. The creation of folds are signs of premature aging and often leads to angular cheilitis which is candida infection. Restored the person back to normal opening of bite can correct this fold. However, there are situation that fold is created due to lost of elasticity of tissue from dissipation of collagen. Even though the vertical dimension of occlusion is restored back to normal the collagen loss is too significant to be corrected via full mouth rehabilitation. In this situation, dermal fillers are the perfect adjunct to dental treatment.

Loss of vertical dimension due to severe grinding or faulty restoration can lead the chin get closer to nose and create aged lower 1/3 of person’s face. The solution to this problem is full mouth restoration. This type of restoration require special training. Prosthodontist are specialist trained to do these cases. If these cases are done by untrained dentist, large array of problems can arise, from severe headaches, to difficulty of swallowing, tongue bitting.

Wear of anterior teeth due to wear which results in shorter front teeth. This in turn can lead to lost of lip thickness on volume. Solution can be veneers or crowns depending on each case. Please note to can not lengthen anterior teeth too much to gain lip thickness. If done excessively this can lead to speech difficulty specially when it comes to pronouncing “v” and “F” sounds. Also you can bulk out upper anterior teeth too much since it may lead to speech difficulties of “S” and “Sh”, not to mention horse like appearance.

Black triangle, this can be restored by placing crowns and veneers. Artistic and knowledge of portion is essential when correct this issue. If done improperly teeth can look very square and harsh looking. However, if done properly the results can be amazing and very natural.

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