Icon Resin Infiltration


Resin infiltration is a minimal invasive restorative treatment for white -spot lesions. White-spot lesions are either congenital hypo-calcification of enamel or caused decalcification due to poor hygiene. It is common for white spot lesions to appear after orthodontic treatment resulting from to poor hygiene. Decalcification of enamel occurs due to imbalance between demineralization and remineralization of the enamel. White spot lesions are often the result of demineralization (the dissolution of enamel) which creates a subsurface pore system within sound enamel. As demineralization occurs, the enamel becomes increasingly honeycombed and can somewhat resemble the structure of a sponge. This subsurface pore system becomes filled with an air-fluid mixture that causes light to refract differently than the surrounding healthy tooth structure, thus causing the distinctive “white spots” on the surface. Icon resin infiltration is designed to penetrate the porous defects in demineralized enamel and to halt the progression of proximal lesions, making white spot lesions disappear.

What is involved in Icon resin infiltration?

Icon resin infiltration can be done between half an hour to an hour.  It is done in one visit, no need for "Shots" or numbing, and no drilling!!! The procedure is painless and permanent.

Icon resin infiltration is a great alternative to fillings or veneers for cases of white- spot lesions.  It is substantially less expensive and less time consuming than veneers. 

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