Herpatic Lesion Treatment

Laser Treatment of Cold Sore (Herpes Simplex)


Oral Herpes, commonly knowns as cold sores are viral in nature and hence contagious  Once a person contracts the virus, it can stay dormant between outbreaks.  Outbreaks are triggered by trauma, stress, sunburn, illness and cold weather.  The sore are found on keratinized tissues , lips, gums, and hard palate.  Colds sores are treated by over the counter medication and antiviral medications ( Acyclovirs).

The laser’s energy destroys the virus particles and dries out the lesions, relieves pain killing nerve endings and promotes hearing by bio-stimulation from the light.  This procedure is quick and painless. The best time to come for laser treatment is at first stage of cold sore, burning/tingling stage. Treatment will be more predictable and effective and the lesion may not develop.

The advantage of laser treatment is decrease frequency and intensity of future sores.