Aphthus Ulcer Treatment

Laser treatment of cancer sores:

Aphthous Ulcer, also commonly known as canker sore is autoimmune mediated and is not contagious. Common etiological factors include stress, trauma, lack of sleep, decrease in immune system, a deficiency in B12, deficiency in Iron or Folic acid, changes in hormones and allergies. The sores occur in non-keratinized tissue, inner lip, soft palate, floor of mouth and inner cheer. Typically, cancer sore will last for 10 to 14 days and quite often it’s very painful. They will heal without treatment, but for some people the pain and discomfort is debilitating. There are over the counter products, home remedies as well as prescription medications ( steroids); however, laser treatment is the best treatment choice.

The therapy is inexpensive, comfortable and extremely effective. The laser treatment is superior to the other methods since it doesn’t merely offer short term relief, but actually have a profound effect on healing and can reduce the recurrence.

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